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If you are need of an experienced and caring chiropractor, Dr. Espanioli is the chiropractor to call upon. Do not settle for a chiropractor that will not put your needs ahead of his or her busy schedule and who treats his or her patients like numbers. Trust the personalized, caring approach that he can offer you and start your way towards enjoying the quality of life that being pain free can offer.


Do not hesitate to call or visit the office today. We will be more than happy to view a video of your pain or to listen to your description of the chronic pain that you are experiencing and the circumstances that brought it on and offer you our professional opinion. Whether you are suffering from chronic migraines or have a hard time moving around because of arthritis, we may be able to help. Stop living with chronic pain, call our North Hill Chiropractic Clinic today!


The team at North Hill chiropractic clinic strive to stay up-to-date with new breakthroughs in the chiropractic world. The clinic takes pride in the fact that it offers each of its staff regular training and information sessions so that they are equipped with the very latest methods and treatment options available. The physical and mental well-being of our patients is too important to us to not take advantage of every single discovery that may be helpful to them.

Dr. Habib Espanioli

is a University of Calgary and a Palmer West Graduate. He is married to Jacqueline has 4 children the youngest of which is Princeton and the oldest is Victor, the Twins are Estephanus and Martin. Currently He has served as School Council Chair for St. Michael's International Baccalaureate school and several other organizations in Calgary.


He has been proudly offering professional chiropractic care in Calgary, North Hill area for many years and has experience dealing with most any injury or condition, from crooked spines to whiplash and work injury.


Dr. Espanioli and his associates know that patient care always comes first. They always take the time to listen to their patients, paying special attention to their description of pain, its location, and whether or not a certain treatment is or has been effective. We believe that our patients know best when it comes to their own pain and we will never offer a treatment that does not suit their unique situation or needs.

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